I research about how to improve Software Engineering using empirical methods and Evidence-Based Software Engineering. This page provides possible research topics (for BS, MS, or PhD level). Students interested in working with me might be able to think possible solutions to one of these problems. English skills is required for any of them (reading at least).

Current research investigations

  • Software Product Lines
  • Software Testing Automation
  • Recovering Software Architectures
  • Empirical methods

Possible projects

  1. Mining Software Repositories of COVID-19
    Questions: What are the main programming language of the projects? How many projects are available?
    Skills: script programming (e.g., Python, pyDriller, etc)
    Related Work: MSR’18

  2. System to support selective process
    Questions: What are the mandatory features? How to improve the system?
    Skills: web programming (e.g., NextJS, Vercel, Java Script, etc)
    Related work: Bem Hur project, Leticia Soares project, Gabriel Dias project.

Research groups